How Does Medifast Work For Weight Loss: My Story
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how does medifast work

Are you overweight, unhappy and insecure?

If your answer is YES then you’re not much different from me. I’ve lived through my fair share of fat jokes and failed relationships due to my insecurities.

I often thought I was a terrible person for not wanting to look in the mirror. My mom would often tell me after every breakup that we all have insecurities. Whether it’s your hair, legs, or something as small as the shape of your thumb.

But I realized that being insecure about my weight didn’t mean that I should continue letting it rule my life.

I started looking into healthy ways that I could lose weight and came across Medifast. At first I got taken in by Weight Watchers after seeing all the promotional ads with gorgeous celebrities but when that didn’t work I went over to Medifast. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

The reality is that Medifast may not work for you the way it did for me. But if you’re curious about how does Medifast work for weight loss, stick around for my story.

So How Does Medifast Work?


If you’re curious about how does Medifast work then first you’ll need to understand what it is. Simply put Medifast is a pre-planned diet plan. It available in three types of plans:

-Weight Loss
-Weight Maintenance (once you hit your goal! YEAH!)
-Special Diets (such as diabetes, nursing moms, seniors, gluten allergies, and MORE)

What’s different about this diet plan is that it does not require that you to count calories, which can be tedious. The meals included in the diet are low in calories and fat, but still rich in nutrients.  This is why I chose Medifast as a great fit for me.

Also I was able to customize my menus based on my own preferences and a month’s supply of meals was under $300.

It includes “portion controlled” meals that, according to the website, “create a calorie deficit” that allows the body to burn fat off easily as energy.

To answer the question of “how does Medifast work to help people lose weight” you will have to understand what the diet includes. The diet is geared towards enhancing lean muscles so there are a lot of protein and carbohydrate rich meals. The diet costs approximately $10 daily and the only active ingredients included are simple nutrients.

Soups, chili, fruit drinks, hot beverages, oatmeal, puddings, shakes, and eggs are just a few of the foods that I enjoyed with Medifast. I ate every two to three hours on the plan, which at first seemed like too much; however, then I realized that I would see better results if I stuck with the plan. The website also tells you that skipping meals can hinder the weight loss process since your body will be storing energy.

There are no side effects listed on the website and I had no issues when I started the plan.

I Lost 40 lbs With Medifast

home-products-ziti-marinaraI wasn’t always overweight but after college I gained a lot of weight. After more than five failed diet plans, I was that eager to find out how does Medifast work so well for others to achieve weight loss. After my aunt tried the plan and it worked for her, I decided to give it a shot.

Basically all of my daily meals are Medifast1 foods. The fact that they were already prepared saved me a lot of time.

Some days I chose to mix up the meals but other days I would just have the chocolate shakes and I still had great results.

The meals I could choose from were:
• Pretzels, cheese puffs, power bars (snacking doesn’t have to be unhealthy)
• Chili
• Fruit drinks (perfect travel companion for when I get cravings on the road)
• Scrambled eggs (mostly for breakfast)
• Pudding (my nightly dessert)
Like I said, some days I would mix things up and other days I would just have the chocolate shake throughout the day. That doesn’t happen often though.

My daily menu would generally be:
• Some scrambled eggs at 8 am in the morning
• Oatmeal bar by 11:30 at work
• Chocolate shake at about 1:30
• Chili by 5pm
• Tuna steak or chicken breast by 8pm (If you’re a vegetarian don’t worry; they offer vegetarian meals as well)
• Cheese puffs while reading a book before bed

It may not have you drooling like a trip to Red Lobster but I bet it doesn’t sound as bad as you thought huh? Why not give it a try?

Natural to be Cautious

Version 2It’s natural to be cautious and wonder how does Medifast work, but to really know the answer you need to understand that diet plans are not miracles. You’ll need to put in some effort and stay true to the meals. I started the plan in February of this year weighing 193 pounds. It was difficult at first but after two months of staying true to the meals I lost 44 pounds.

I wasn’t bored to be honest. Maybe that’s because I felt like waking up every day to eat my meals was a game to see how fast I could lose weight. I’m now down 46 pounds and counting thanks to Medifast.

So Simple

For some of you it may be a bit pricey and remembering to eat your six meals through the day may take some time. The plan seemed restricting at first but the good thing is that it helped me to lose weight and keep it off. Ultimately that was my goal.

I’ve heard a lot of good comments from my friends and family members and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Being overweight had controlled my life for a long time and I am finally happy that I have moved past never wanting to wear shorts or go to the beach. Not being able to experience life as a normal 26 year old was the hardest part of being overweight.

How does Medifast work to help people lose weight? I learned the answer and I encourage you to find out on your own too. The food is good, it doesn’t require a lot of preparation and you’ll see results fast; maybe that’s why the word “FAST” is a part of its name.

Medifast is so simple and you have nothing to lose. Why not give it a try?